We are very glad of the positive reception that Alex’s Animal Kingdom Workout received. The day following the Animal Kingdom Workout we decided to continue Alex’s training with the Double Sets Challenge.

The routine is hard – it was suggested by one of our members, who was on opinion that our trainees waste too much time, training just one muscle group at a time. He suggested a training called “Double Sets Challenge” while during one set the trainee performs in fact two parallel sets, training at least 2 muscle groups at the time. This allows us to double the pressure on our trainees.

Alex loves being pushed through extremely hard, almost impossible workouts. The raw excitement and energy that he tackles each set of exercises with almost makes this a “Triple Set Challenge” as literally every muscle group in his body comes at attention. Alex takes us through an utterly exciting, almost magical exercise session with every fibre in is body working to deliver a perfect performance.

Alex: Double Sets Challenge Starts Playing on March 5, 2019.