One of our first models Aleksandr will be back in July! With his appearance we will open a new series of shoots that took place in this Spring in Thailand. First, we were very glad to have Aleksandr back with us and we wasted no time to get him up to speed with our new style of shooting. Also, we were excited to be again in Thailand: last year’s shoot with Dima was a success, introducing a lot of new workouts, the very popular Animal Kingdom Workout among others.

We decided to continue where we left off and do it better. Instead of one boy we decided to make the Animal Kingdom Workout  a competition. So we matched Aleksandr up with Kirill – both boys are tall, muscular and roughly in similar body type. it would be fun to watch them fight in imitating exotic animal movements.

To watch over our fighters we chose the best candidate – our model of the year Dima. He was the first to introduce us the Animal Kingdom Workout and he is the best to make sure the boys present perfect form during their workout. Because we were in Asia, we wanted to add a local element: a bamboo cane. Throughout all our workouts in Thailand the judges were allowed to assert their authority over the trainees by using bamboo cane. We used this to administer punishment and correct poses.

This is a fight and like in every fight there will be a loser and a winner, determined by Dima. The loser will have to perform extra workout, the winner has a special surprise bonus…