As Aleksandr has been so far away from our shoots, we decided not to show him any mercy and get him directly into our newer. more harder routines. This is why when Aleksandr’s Animal Kingdom Challenge with Kirill is just ending we match him up in the same exercise with much younger Vova!

But this is not all. The Animal Kingdom Workouts are just an introduction for hunky Aleksandr. What we really want to do is to remove his loincloth altogether and try him out at our new and very hard Rickshaw Boy routine. As Kirill won the Animal Kingdom Challenge he can be now in charge overseeing the training of Aleksandr. Carrying a bamboo stick he is visibly enjoying all the power that he has over a little older hunk as he puts him through running drills, penalty push-ups and countless other exercises.

This is a true feast of strength and beauty now available at our store:


Here are some preview photos of Aleksandr’s suffering as a Rickshaw Boy.