We are so glad to welcome Aleksandr T back for the shoots. He has been away for a while and we wanted to present him for our members properly. Also, he has missed his trainings. For this, he will have to go through a special punishment session “The Lazy Boy” workout.

This is a special session designed for them who have missed the workouts or slacked off. The routine assumes that the trainee is lazy, so the movements are kept to the minimum, at the same time the trainee offers a magnificent sight at all times. In four rounds, the boy needs to keep four types of stress poses: Kneeling arms up, kneeling arms in front, kneeling arms at the side and kneeling arms bent at sides. The pose must be kept absolutely motionlessly, all muscles flexed. And we mean all muscles.

Aleksandr T is there to perform under a watchful eye of Stas who will not let any opportunity pass by to assign penalties to his trainee.


Aleksandr T: Lazy Boy is now available at https://shop.fitcasting.com