Our new workouts with AJ have been received very well by the members. In AJ we can all see what an amazing development this trainee has gone through. He barely made it to the team from his first casting, but now his workouts receive constantly high marks from the members.

So we keep pushing him. This time we expose AJ’s abs and put them through a merciless workout session. This is probably the hardest “Gladiator Abs” workout that you have seen so far. The intense abs workouts are followed by gut-punching and gut-slapping penalty sessions that the trainee needs to take in various stress positions: standing hands behind the head, on the knees, bearing a weight pole on the shoulders, on the bench, lying on the floor. We like how the trainee counts every punch and every stroke aloud, followed by “Sir!”

He is performing well, but we still find some mistakes in form and performance, so after a short break, the boy needs to go through a special posing and penalty session designed to fully showcase his perfect abs. This means more gut punches in really uncomfortable positions; first during hanging leg raises (one punch after every raise), slaps in Shiiko Dachi position, while carrying water canisters, gut-punches in the “Crab Walk” position, more gut punches in Heron pose. And just then when the boy thinks his ordeals are over we decide to give some peck punches as well.

AJ: Gladiator Workout starts playing on 3 May 2019.