Today we are celebrating 0ur 1 million views on YouTube Channel! Soon we will hit 10000 subscribers and this seems to be just the beginning. It looks like has found its niche and fans keep coming back. Although our main focus is producing content to our member section where we have achieved publication rate two new clips per working day, we also value our YouTube Channel. We are grateful to all our fans there who can enjoy free content and previews. It also helps our models to get noticed and find more opportunities with photographers and companies who want to sponsor them. YouTube Channel keeps growing and we intend to update every week with one video clip. For today’s update we have chosen a very special shoot where we take you behind the scenes of one of the first photo shoots we had with Jakub Smucr and Adam Beck. The video is filmed back in 2015 and Jakub and Adam are now well established fitness models. Both guys are pure joy to work with and the results of the shoot were great. We hope you enjoy the gallery of video stills taken from the shoot!